Date Coding on Single-Serve Sachets

Date Coding on Single-Serve Sachets

Tear-Open sachets are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing trends in food packaging.  Single serve pouches are becoming very common for snacks, seasonings, sauces, beverages, and other food applications.  Another common use is for hygiene, PPE, and cosmetic products. Pump-Street-Chocolate

Pump Street Chocolate, a popular U.K. based chocolate manufacturer, is well know for their gourmet chocolates they supply to the food service sector.  Their small tear-open sachets for 20g chocolate bars are popular with coffee shops, hotels, business travelers and more.

Solution: Offline Date Coder and Feeder

PSC has had great success automating the date coding process on sachets by installing a high-speed feeding system with a Markoprint® inkjet coder. The manufacturer had previously been hand coding each packet.  This tedious and labor intensive task, which previously took several employees multiple days, is now completed within a single hour. Not only does this save time and labor, it improves your packaging appearance and traceability.

Automatic Pouch Feeder

The Rototech RF Lit feeder is a great offline print solution - perfect for manufacturers looking to automate a manual process.  The feeder uses a stacked hopper to run packet through with precise, repeatable orientation. The system has a linear speed up to 60 meter per minute.

Markoprint Inkjet Printer

Markoprint's small and compact printing system is perfect for no-hassle printing; because the entire printhead and ink supply system is replaced with each new cartridge, there is no costly maintenance or messy refills.

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